Spiritual Immersion Master Class

Engaging body, mind and spirit, this all-encompassing program will teach you how to provide support, encouragement, and direction to spiritual seekers while obtaining necessary skills and experience to serve others as well as yourself.

Tired of the Same Teachings But a Different Teacher? Feel Like You are on the Edge of a Breakthrough but then Nothing? Do you feel there is so much more to learn?

There is a new generation of thought leaders and spiritual teachers waiting to emerge…to take it to the next level. A new, deeper understanding of the universe. We are beyond thinking positively and everything will be wonderful. How wonderful do you REALLY feel?

A planetary birthing is underway. Birthing a new generation of thought leaders. Leaders of the stars, birthing into a family of light.

Leaving behind old paradigms, outdated modalities and embracing ourselves as part of the whole. Fractal expressions in a unified field of consciousness. Walking with open hearts and open eyes into something so vast, so unimaginable, unprecedented and utterly simple yet so beautiful. So precious. So embracing of life as it truly is.

Let yourself dream. Dare to dream. Make all of your dreams come true. Let yourself fly. Be part of the new dynamic that is ready to take the lead. Multi-dimensional awareness. One who wants to share energy and creativity and harmony and the spirit of cooperation. One who can transmit peace not only into this world, but into other worlds and other planes of existence.

A Master Class in the Spiritual World, the Laws that Rule It, and the Endless Possibilities When We are Tapped In and Tuned In.

A 52 Week Intensive That will Shift Your Perspective and Change Your Life

This Master Class 52 week intensive will change your life. Every week we will discover new ways to utilize our unique gifts, connect on deeper levels and discover why so many things have failed to work for us in the past.

Whether you’re just starting your journey of spiritual growth, or feel stuck in your journey and can’t seem to find the right resource to help you, this course is for you. 

There are so many people trying to make money off your struggles without giving you what you need to continue on your journey. This course focuses on giving you what you need while being friendly on your wallet.

What You’ll Learn

Mind - Body - Soul Connection

Manifest Your Destiny and The Life You Desire

Attract the Life and People You Desire

Discover Your Soul's Blueprint

Live Your Ever Evolving Purpose

Connect to Your Higher Self

Metaphysical Awakening and Enlightenment Processes

Meditation Practices and Teachings

Archetypes and Soul Types

Rescue Remedies, Emergency Energetic Help

Reiki I, II and III

Color Healing and Energy Work

Divine Love, Twin Rays, Twin Flames, SoulMates

Chakras, Advanced Chakras and the New Chakras

Protection, Centering, Grounding, Clearing

Connecting to Your Spiritual Allies - Angels, Guides, Totem Animals

Healing Trauma and Grief

The Matrix

Learn and Live the Spiritual Universal Laws

Eliminate Anxiety, Depression and Stress

Accountability Text or Email 3x a week

Coaching Call 1x a month

Spiritual Counseling & Mentorship Certification

And So So So So Much More

Life continues to get more complicated and challenging as we move forward. The old ways of living no longer work. We’ll help you learn to use your intuition and deepen your connection to your Higher Self so you overcome these modern challenges. Tap into the eternal knowledge that resides within.

Have you ever wondered why you seem to hit speed bump after speed bump? Why the Law of Attraction did not work for you? Why you have taken course after course and read book after book but still are not having the breakthroughs you’re seeking?

The answer is simple.

In order to become a master manifestor, a person who understands how to overcome any challenge or obstacle and a person who is out living the life they deserve, instead of watching other people live theirs…you MUST have a working knowledge of how spirituality is immersed in everything we do. 

To serve others we must first be in a space of soul alignment. To heal other we must first be healed. To help others achieve their goals, we must first achieve ours. 

This course is very hands-on because we know you want to serve, to heal, and to achieve your goals along the way. And while studying for a whole year seems like a long time, the time will pass nonetheless but the amount of growth you experience will be up to you.

You’re going to continue down the path of Spiritual Growth regardless. You might as well begin with the most comprehensive, powerful, and practical course instead of wasting money picking and choosing random subjects on a whim. Set the intention to focus on your growth. You were led here for a reason.

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We understand a year is a long time, but the year will pass no matter what. Will you be growing during that time or still wondering how to move forward?

Price of This Program is $5200. We have many payment options to meet every budget.