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Our Registry is by Invitation only. This allows us to look into and give credibility to the outstanding people and businesses that make up the Spiritual and LightWorker fields. If you would like to nominate someone for the registry, we would love that!! Please click on the button below.

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Registry I

Insight Meditation

Meditation Centers · Address: 7052 N Vandiver Rd · San Antonio, TX 78209 · Phone: (305) 757-9857 · Website:

We meet together to practice, and to share the art of meditation with one another in a heart centered and genuine way. Instructions and Dharma Talks are offered and are centered on the practice of Insight/Vipassana meditation based on the teachings of the Buddha including the Four Foundations of Mindfulness and the Four Noble Truths in the tradition of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center and the Insight Meditation Society.

It’s Alive! Zen Meditation

Meditation Centers · Address: 7150 Frontage Rd · San Antonio, TX 78213 · Phone: (805) 208-7788 · Website:

Whenever we meditate, the whole world meditates with us. When we move, ripples flow outward in all directions and when the wind rustles through the trees, something in us rustles, too. It’s good to have company: we support each other, we irritate each other, and we teach each other. We can’t really ever know which we’re doing at any given time, so the best thing might be to just dive in with an open heart. We don’t get enlightened on our own–even the uneven sidewalks and crunchy autumn leaves play their part–and even if we did awaken in isolation there would be no one with whom to share the luminous life we’d found.

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