LightWorker Syndrome Master Class




LightWorker Syndrome Master Class.

On your time, in your space.

LightWorker Syndrome is an unfortunate phase that we go through at times in our Spiritual Evolution. It can be painful, annoying and frustrating. One day feeling peaceful and more connected than ever, and excited about the future…the next feeling hopeless and bored and wondering how you’re going to pay the rent. This is the beginning of LightWorker Syndrome. And you are far from “stuck” in this phase. We can help.

Are You Finding Your Gifts Expanding…You’re Helping Others Break Free From Their Challenges, Blocks and Pain…Yet You Struggle With Breaking Free From Your Own?

Are you finding that all of the conventional earthly remedies and methods of comfort that once helped alleviate us from this state, no longer work? Can you help others heal themselves and their lives but when it comes to healing yourself and your life…you draw blank?


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