Angelic Healing 1,2 and Master Class


Angelic Reiki combines the foundation of traditional Reiki with the power of the angelic realm.

Whether you want to learn Angelic Reiki energy healing to heal yourself or to heal and help others, our unique Angelic Reiki energy healing certification training can help you achieve this goal and many more.

You do not need to have taken Reiki courses before to take Angelic Reiki. We have the foundational Reiki already built in.

Working together with Angels and Archangels therefore allows us to reach deeply into all areas which require rebalancing and healing.

In multidimensional Angelic Reiki healing, the recipient is lovingly supported to let go of physical, emotional and mental imbalances as well as spiritual issues throughout all time and space.

It is a blessing to give and receive these angelic healing sessions.



Angelic Reiki is a powerful healing modality that works with the highest energies of the Angelic Realm to bring about healing and balance on all levels to those receiving the healing energy.

By completing this program, you will become a Certified Angelic Reiki Master.

You will receive a certificate with official registration number for both organizations as well as become included in the ILA and Reiki Association directories.


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