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No Lightworker should struggle after taking up a good cause. Being bold enough to make a positive change in this world should never lead to doubting your choices or abilities. You are never irrelevant and we’re here to help you be recognized as the professional industry authority that you are.

The International Lightworkers Association website ( is a reference resource for biographical and professional data about individuals and businesses of accomplishment.  Our registry is by invitation and nomination only.

We profile those in the spiritual and lightworker community who have distinguished themselves in their particular areas of expertise, while aspiring to uphold the elite standard of leadership and ability that being a member of ILA has come to represent.

ILA not only creates an on-line forum that showcases members’ expertise, experience, and perhaps a bit of their personalities, but we also maintain one where visitors may search for lightworkers.

Helping Lightworkers Thrive

Step Into The Quantum Field


Tired of the Same Teachings But a Different Teacher? Feel Like You are on the Edge of a Breakthrough but then Nothing? Do you feel there is so much more to learn?

It is an unfortunate phase that we go through at times in our Spiritual Evolution. It can be painful, annoying and frustrating. One day feeling peaceful and more connected than ever, and excited about the future…the next feeling hopeless and bored and wondering how you’re going to pay the rent.

This is the beginning of LightWorker Syndrome. And you are far from “stuck” in this phase. We can help.

Do you feel like you are unable to derive any sense of pleasure or escape no matter what you try…and feel filled with worry and uncertainty about your future? This is a form of limbo and it is something that awakening souls encounter from time to time during their journeys towards enlightenment.

It can be painful, it can be emotional, and you may have a lot of trouble staying connected to higher levels of consciousness while also remaining solidly grounded in the physical world. Many people get so frustrated with the experience they become depressed and have feelings of wanting to give up and just “go home” (i.e. return to the nonphysical world).

International Registry of LightWorkers

Our Registry is by Invitation or Nomination only. If you have received an invitation to join, please click here to enter your invitation code.

Do you have a person or business that you would like to nominate? Please click here to nominate a person or business to be included on our registry.

Our Registry Is By

Invitation or Nomination Only

The International Light Workers Association identifies light workers who have met the highest ethical and training requirements. To be verified and listed in our registry helps line them up for success in their practice and community

Official Registry

Register your business and services with us and become a verified member of the ILA. This will place you among the who’s who in the spiritual and light worker community.

Featured Profiles

Features profiles offer a one page “landing page” on our site. This will allow you to showcase your skills, services and certifications. You will have links to your site and social media and receive discount pricing on our certification courses.

Certifications & Courses

We offer a variety of courses and certifications to accelerate your journey to self-discovery and self-mastery. Our online courses and certifications cover inspired wisdom and guidance from some of the top spiritual teachers today.

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How It Works

Gift Yourself The Distinguished Professionalism You Deserve

Our goal of helping you differentiate yourself as the authority you are is a simple and fast process. When you join the ILA you immediately establish yourself as a professional, networked, and industry authority. All it takes are the following steps:

Become A Member -As Easy As "Ohm Shanti Shanti"

Did you receive an invitation from ILA? If so, simply enter your invitation code to complete the registration.

Add The ILA Badge To Your Site

After you’ve joined our association, you’ll be emailed a membership badge to display on your website and social media (if you choose). This badge helps make the distinction of your credibility as a business owner and lightworker to those who are unaware of your unique gifts.

Explore Your New Network Of Lightworkers

We’re all here to help bring more good into the world. That’s an easier task when we grow together. Explore the members area and feel free to begin connecting with other lightworkers so you can help eachother spread goodness among our communities.

A Few of Our Featured Profiles

Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty

Host - Story Teller - Former Monk

Forbes 30 Under 30

Jay Shetty is a host, storyteller, viral content creator and experiment maker. It’s been a mission of his to spread knowledge at the pace we want entertainment, something he likes to call making wisdom go viral. Since launching his channel in 2016, he has garnered over 1 billion views and 10+ million followers.

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Spiritual Teacher - Author - Visionary

Agape Center

Michael traveled across the world to take in the teachings from both the East and the West in both modern and ancient concepts. His vision slowly began shaping into one of a universal truth that transcended religious denominations and encompassed the true wisdom of spirituality. Beckwith teaches affirmative prayer, meditation and how to connect with your spiritual self.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Author - Spiritual Teacher

Barbara has been credited with introducing the futurist concept into society. Due to her spiritual beliefs she has been referred to as “the voice for conscious evolution of our time.” These words come from other notable spiritualists such as Deepak Chopra. Hubbard and her teachings are also the main basis for a new book being written with another spiritual teacher Neale Donald Walsch.